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[APD] 48" lighting

Scott D. Goett wote:

>> Any way of putting 48 inch (or 2 24") compact fluorescents in
one of those?  Any idea how much they may cost?  Would CP need to be cooled
too?  Any other ideas for putting light over a 55 gallon tank that has the
plastic hoods?<<

48" tanks are dead easy to light cheaply.  Shop light fixtures can be had at
Home Depot, bulbs included, for about $10.  If you want better bulbs,
(tri-phosphors) they're still less than 6 bucks each.  Two of these fit
easily one behind the other.  You won't be able to use your plastic hood,
but the hoods only allow light to hit the back of the tank anyway.  Just get
a glass cover instead.  If a commercially made glass canopy is too
expensive, they are easy to make too.  If you want to get fancy, you can
cover the white shop light fixtures with wood-grain contact paper, and they
look just as good as wood-grain plastic.<g>

I know some people don't like having lights over the whole tank in terms of
access, but it really isn't that cumbersome to just stack the front fixture
on top of the back one while you work on the tank.

If you MUST use your plastic hood, the best choice by far is to gut it and
replace the innards with an AH Supply kit.  They really aren't that
expensive, and you'll have GREAT light in a small space.


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