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[APD] Opinion/help on my water

Hello all,

I just got a glut of test kits in the mail, and have been finally able to test my water for most of the parameters, and I was wondering if someone could tell me if any of my values need improvment. For background, I have a 130L (3') tank w/ 2 30W tubes (10,000K and 18,000K), reasonably well planted (6 out of 10 are quick growers), 4 corys, 2 bristlenoses, and 8 neons (so far, but will be expanding, prolly some SAE's, corys and dwarf cichlids). 25% water change every 2 weeks, w/ DIY CO2 (yeast)...

pH: 7.2
NO2: 0
kH: 4.48
gH: 7.28 (130ppm)
Fe: ~0.25 ppm
NH4: 0
PO4: off the Seachem chart (above 3). I think this is becasue I initially used discus buffer when I set up the tank a month ago. - BTW, how long will it take to drop it with my water changes and fast growing plants?

- Is the gH too much for the intended fish/ plants?

Thanks a bunch! (ha ha... ok. sorry. bad pun.)

- Seweryn

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