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[APD] Re: Jobe's Spikes for House Plants


I believe the fern spikes were 16-2-6, personally I wouldn't worry too much
about the little extra phosphate in the house plant spikes, I've been using
them without any problems. If you are concerned about it just use smaller
pieces. Regardless of the type, all the jobes spikes tend to get soggy after
a little while so you want to avoid pulling one out of the substrate when
moving plants. That's really the only problem I've had with them.

Giancarlo Podio

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  I just picked up some Jobe's spikes b/c I'll be planting a bunch of
Crypts, and my experiance (a few years ago) was that the plants really like
  The issue is that I was looking for Jobe's for Ferns, but all I could find
was Jobe's for House plants (13-4-5) - I seem to recall that the Fern spikes
were something like (5-5-5).  I guess my question is, will the House plant
spikes be OK if I keep the peices small?


Jason Miller

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