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[APD] RE: Gratolia?

Everybody, thanks for your input.Ok I spoke with Paul the peson who I got
this plant from and here is the text he wrote.

Saw your post on the APD about the Limnophia species.  Yes it is Limnophia
aromatica not Gratiola.  I had a biologist at NC State University look at
it, gave him the rest of the same plant I sent to you.  He said at first he
thought it was Gratiola, but he then broke one stem.  He said this is
definitely Limnophia aromatica.  A very distinct smell came from the stem
once broken.  He also said that just rubbing the leaves does not produce the
tell tale smell only when a stem is broken.  He is in the process of growing
it emmersed to see the flowers.  He is almost 100% that it is Limnophia even
without the flowers.

This plant is such an easy grower I do not know why it is not widely
available.  It does not need the tlc like e stellata.  I notices in a tank
that wasn't getting enough nutrients this plant was still thriving while
heteranthera zosterfolia and others were showing signs.


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