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RE: [APD] Gratolia ??

	Well its certainly not Gratiola officinalis. That plant has 
	white flowers. Cavan got what is commonly known as
	Gratiola to grow emersed and flower. It has purple flowers,
	a picture of which I'll put up online tomorrow. 
	If someone needs a precise description of the flower - touch 
	base with Cavan.

Ghazanfar Khan Ghori

> I am on a quest to get the official name of this plant.  I 
> have heard many things from multiple people so I figures the 
> best place to ask was here.
> It has jagged leaves, long.  Looks similar to the coloring 
> with proper lighting of e. stellata?
> Ithe red/purple hues are approx the same.

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