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Re: [APD] Gratolia ??

Marcus, Ghazanfar,

I have been keeping this plant for a couple of years now since a SFBAAPS member (Andrew Hertz) brought it back from Japan. It was just identified as Gratiola sp. 

I have grown it emersed and it flowers with a white, half inch long, trumpet like flower. Searching the web, the flower looked the same as Gratiola officinalis, so that's what I've been calling it.

This is the plant I have.

Andrew then suggested, it may be Limnophila aromatica. I picked this up at Albany Aquarium, it looked identical to Gratiola, but smaller and with more red in the leaves. It grew much slower and did not seem as robust as gratiola. I got it going em. but it died after transplanting , and I did not get to flower it, however Web pictures of its flowers, were the same trumpet shape but with a pink/purple color. They are so similar in leaf shape and flower shape, I think they must be closely related.


my guess is there are 2 very similar plants being kept.

Jim Lockhart
San Jose

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>    Well its certainly not Gratiola officinalis. That plant has 
>    white flowers. Cavan got what is commonly known as
>    Gratiola to grow emersed and flower. It has purple flowers,
>    a picture of which I'll put up online tomorrow. 
>    If someone needs a precise description of the flower - touch 
>    base with Cavan.
> -
> Ghazanfar Khan Ghori
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> > I am on a quest to get the official name of this plant.  I 
> > have heard many things from multiple people so I figures the 
> > best place to ask was here.
> > 
> > It has jagged leaves, long.  Looks similar to the 
> coloring 
> > with proper lighting of e. stellata?
> > 
> > Ithe red/purple hues are approx the same.
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