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[APD] Re: Quarantine tank

I am about to set up a new 30g aquarium and someone suggested I also should
have a quarantine tank.  What size should I use? How should this be set up
(filtration, gravel, etc)?



Quarantine tanks are good for treating the occasional sick fish, and for making sure you don't have any sick fish before adding new acquisitions to your tank. I have used 2.5 gallon all-glass brand tanks for this purpose for years, although the 5.5 gallon all-glass tanks are cheaper. I like the 2.5's since they are very small and very easy and quick to clean. They also don't need a very large amount of whatever you are treating the contents with due to their small water volume. My setups include a 25 watt "thermal compact" heater which fits the small tank well and holds temperatures well, and some DIY PCF lights that snap on the top of the tanks. The lights aren't necessary for normal quarantine tank use, I only use them when I have plants to grow out.


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