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RE: [APD] Pruning Question

Basically I have the same situation - Custom AHSupply (4x55) in a DIY
enclosure, I usually end up leaning the entire enclosure on its short side
against the end of the tank - so part of the tank is well lit  - Bright
enough to so you spots if you look at that end of the tank ;)

I have considered the hanging light approach - just seems like a lot of
bother for something so conceptually simple.

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I have the same problem of having to remove my light fixture to get enough
arm room in the tank.

I build one of the hoods recommended by AH Supply which sits inside of my
real canopy which is one of those PetCo setups.  I usually remove the canopy
and set it to the side, then put the light fixture on the arm of the couch
that the tank is next to and prop it up against the tank.  This gives me
some light to work with, but it is still strange, and I worry about the
fixture falling.

So one of the things I have been batting around is to get a couple of hooks
and mount them in the ceiling.  Then put a couple of hooks on top of my
light fixture.  Get some chain and when I need to do work, just suspend the
light from the ceiling.

I don't know how much light loss there would be from such a height, but I've
been thinking about maybe permenantly mounting it like that too.

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I'm wondering how people deal with lighting and pruning. When I need to
prune (or do anything else that requires good access to the tank) I end up
taking the lighting unit off the tank, which even in a well-lit room leaves
me with a pretty dark tank with wonderfully horrible shadows.  Not to
mention the tank looks completely different looking down on it, as opposed
to at it from the front glass...  At least I don't have to stand a 5-gallon
bucket to gain access to the top ;) -ruddy

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