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[APD] Re: R/O water for replacement

> But if you're replacing evaporated water, you don't need to
> add more minerals just because you're adding more water.

I had hoped that everyone would understand that without having 
to be told.

> Has anyone suggested using pure RO as the only source of
> water for a fish or plant tank?  Or was the suggestion that
> RO be used as top-off to replace evaported water?

This is why I never post in this forum.  Dare to stray one letter
off the very specific topic, and you get called down on it.  My 
response was intended to be a general discussion of R/O water,
and why it does not equate to "laboratory standard" water.  Sorry
I confused you with my answer.

> I might have been reading poorly but I think the suggestion
> was the latter.  In which case the point would be to *not*
> add more minerals with the RO.

Again, I would have hoped that there would be no misunderstanding
on that point without flogging it like a dead horse.  Again, I'm sorry 
I confused you.  I'll try to keep my answers a little simpler
in the future in the hopes that your sensibilities will not be so 

> I read the original poster, who said "*like* laboratory
> standard" [my emphasis] as speaking a bit loosely and not
> trying to define standards for any particular laboratory.

Interesting that you dissect my answer and find faults, yet are
willing to accept that R/O water is "LIKE" laboratory standard"
water.  My POINT was that R/O water does not approach
anything like "laboratory standard" water.  It's fine as-is for
 top-off water to compensate for evaporation,  and would
be fine for replacement water during water changes WITH 
THE ADDITION of replacement minerals, but should not be
referred to nor thought of as "laboratory standard" water.  My 
POINT was that R/O water does not come close to being 
defined as "laboratory standard" water.  And no, it doesn't 
matter which laboratory we're talking about here.

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