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Re: [APD] Water evaporation in a planted aquarium

It's basically a straightforward math problem

You don't need RO water if you do water changes.  Even with
partial changes there's a limit to how high the
concentrations will get.  After a point, the rate of
increase becomes infinitesimally small.

Otoh, if you just top off with tap water, the minerals
never leave the tank and keep increasing.

Water changes are cheaper than RO gear and, if you're doing
water changes anyway to control against excess nutrients,
well, then it's not even any more work ;-)

Scott H.

--- boolybooly <boolybooly at ntlworld_com> wrote:
> Mark
> Some will disagree with me, but in theory, if you use
> reverse osmosis water
> which is like laboratory standard of chemical purity,
> then you can keep a
> tank on good order by adding water and separately add
> trace elements and
> essential minerals to it and not taking away anything
> except for excess
> vegetation. However if you are adding 5 galls of TAPWATER
> a week you cant,
> as the amount of dissolved mineral is gradually
> increasing because the
> plants do not use minerals in the same proportions that
> they exist in water
> table water.. . .
> If you do not have RO or vacuum distillation to get
> chemically pure water
> then you have to dilute the soda lake effect by removing
> some of it and
> replacing it with fresh or suffer the consequences. In a
> hard water Rift
> Valley Cichlid setup or with brackish water species you
> might get away with
> it for quite a long time but inevitably you would need to
> change the water.

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