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Re: [APD] hairgrass lawnmower

> James Brody wrote:
> <snip>, My
> 10g has Ancistrus and AFF, the two main suspects. 
> The hairgrass went from 3" to 2" to 1/4" in about a
> week, so whoever it is, their discovery of tastiness
> of hairgrass is a recent discovery.
> My money's on the Ancistrus.  What does anyone
> think?  Who's mowing my lawn?

I'm with you:  I'll be the Ancistrus.

I had one in my 55g, and it was the weirdest thing:
I'd come in the next morning, and a whole plant would
be GONE. Totally gone... down to the base.  And, he'd
keep going to where there *was* no base, so there was
no evidence of any kind.

In fact, I didn't even realize what was happening
because none of the other plants were 'nibbled', and
it looked like no damage was occurring.  After a
while, I'd think, "hmmm... didn't I have more plants
in there?" and, "hey... didn't this used to be more
densely vegetated?"  He'd develop a taste for a single
species, and take out ONLY that species until it was
gone, and then move onto another.  Weird.

I finally cought the sucker after taking out a string
of rosettes, one each night.  Of course, by then, 
he was pretty big (and well fed!) to where he somehow
could take out a 5" rosette in a day.

I thought long and hard about a nice toasted sandwich
with homemade bread and mayo, with an Ancistrus
Somehow, I realized that 'spanking' and 'using my
words' to share my feelings would be ineffective. ;-)

I traded him to the local fish store for $8 in credit.


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