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Re: [APD] Post Formatting

Top/bottom posting -- might as well ask people to part
their hair on the left  :-\  There's no consensus on

The text display engine is supposed to take care of
formatting, including "CRLF" or line wraps, in modern
software  - the MIME standards even specify it.  So mail
goes out unformatted from some email generaters for just
that reason.  The APD archives display with an engine that
does not take care of the formatting.  I'm not knocking it
-- I'm just pointing out that it's the apd that's and the
posters ain't misbehavin.

It's a pain to have standards and even more so when they
are are not standard standards.

Scott H.
--- jeff <jeff at rockytop_net> wrote:
The second suggestion is asking a
> lot and I realize this is no longer accepted practice,
> but I think a greater awareness of formatting could
> really help everyone out and also save time when
> searching the archives.

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