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[APD] Post Formatting

Howdy everyone....

Heres the complaint about netiquette that everyone hates:
Glad to see the increased volume on list recently.  I just wanted to ask a few things on behalf of those who still recieve the digest form of the list, specifically to those who are new to the list.  Could you please, please trim replies down to only the revelant information you are replying to?  Most of my recent APD mail now consists of requoted extraneous text inserted by Yahoo as well as parts of the message which are not relevant to the reply, which makes it difficult to read overall.  Also, I prefer quoted text before the reply (I know others disagree with this, but...): this really helps those who are not following the threads closely to be able to pick back up.  The second suggestion is asking a lot and I realize this is no longer accepted practice, but I think a greater awareness of formatting could really help everyone out and also save time when searching the archives.

Sorry for rant and lack of useful content,
Jeff Ludwig

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