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[APD] Re: Changing GH

>> I still wonder why the gH keeps going up if I'm
>> topping of with distilled water! 

>Bogus test kit maybe?

>Clint Brearley
>Melbourne, Australia

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LOL. Perhaps the purpose of test kits is to make
novice aquarists go mad. 

I guess it's possible. Though it's Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals Master test kit, I hear they're
reliable enough. And it hasn't expired yet. Plus I've
also bought the Mardel 5 in 1 test strips. Kinda a
rough test, though, it's only got 0, 25, 50, 120, 250,
and 425 ppm indicators, but mine appears close to the
250 ppm, which is approx 12 degrees I think. 

Plus seachem got back to me today and said that there
was a possibility that the root tabs could have
affected the gH. The rep also indicated that I had put
in double the recommended dosage of tabs. Plus I had
vacuumed them up a few times, so they had a chance to
dissolve in the water. That could be partly due to the
substrate only being approx an inch and a half deep.
It's not easy to notice them either, they blend well
with the gravel. 

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