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[APD] Glossostigma and Burrowing snails

Hello everyone!

I am new to this list, as well as new to aquatic plants, as I have recently
decided to shift from African rift cichlids to S.A. dwarfs and the like. I
have begun setting up my aquarium, and have been doing some research, so I
realise that Glossostigma is a bit finicky for a begginer, however I would
still like to give it a go.
    My question is:
I would like to place some Glossostigma on a piece of driftwood which sits
towards the top of my tank. Does the Glossostigma take most of its nutrients
from its roots, and if it does, would anchoring it to wood pose any
nutritional (or other) problems?

Also, I do not have a very flash-bang substrate, just some very fine gravel
(almost sand) with some strategically placed slow release fertiliser cubes.
So, keeping that in mind, burrowing Trumpet Snails: a bane, or good for soil
Thanks for the help,
- Seweryn

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