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Re: [APD] CO2 -- off again on again or on and on and on

When George comes out of Lurk, he really comes out :-)

Not that I disagree with him, I think.  I usually have only
a moderate liking for calls for moderation.  But I wouldn't
mind tanks that do as well as Karen's or George's  ;-)  .

Scott H.
--- gbooth at frii_com wrote:
> My goodness, what a barrage. Here are some IMHO comments.
> Why do we all of a sudden think "20-30 ppm" of CO2 is a
> good range? . . .  Or 
> does that go along with "4-5 w/g" of light? People,
> people, people, more is NOT 
> better. All things in moderation. . .

> Gosh, why not just have 2 w/g, 15 ppm CO2 24x7 and good
> water circulation? Then 
> you can sit back and enjoy your tanks instead of
> overmanaging them. 

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