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Re: [APD] Apologies may be in order...

Not at all -- although I can't speak for all Scott's ;-)
But I had a similar concern about my own post.

Email doesn't carry the same import of expression that
face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation does.  It's
easier to comes across as curt or as a weisenheimer without
meaning to.  So I figure it never hurts to do what you
graciously did, which is reread some of the stuff and drop
a line if it looks like maybe someone might reasonably have
taken it in an unintended way.

Have fun,
Scott H.
--- Phil Edwards <biotypical at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Scott et al,
> I wanted to apologize if I came across as an ass in my
> first reply regarding 
> RUGs. 

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