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[APD] New Software Administrivia

I think the email about the new list software and managing your account
settings wasn't as clear as we might have hoped.  So . . .

To change your APD settings, go to
http://www.actwin.com/mailman/listinfo.cgi/aquatic-plants and log in with
your password.  On the next page, you can change your password, change
your email address (no more unsubscribing and subscribing!) and change
your list preferences.

If you don't remember your temporary password, or didn't ever receive the
email that contained your password, go to the same page, scroll down to
the bottom, enter your email address and click the button that says
"Unsubscribe or edit options." Toward the bottom of the next page is a
button to click to have your password emailed to you.

Remember that you can only post from the address from which you are
subscribed.  The list still doesn't accept attachments (it did for a day
but no more).  Email to the list should be sent to
aquatic-plants at actwin.com; administrative concerns come to me via
aquatic-plants-owner at actwin.com or you may email me directly.

The list is still unmoderated so please be sure that your incoming emails
are appropriately edited.  I've seen a LOT of excess quoted verbiage the
last couple of days so please be considerate and include only enough of
the original post to make your reply make sense :)

Hope that helps.

APD ListMom

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