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Re: [APD] Via Aqua

I live on the East coast of central New Jersey.  Look for
the ViaAqua chiller at these locations, shop for total
cost, price plus shipping, etc.:



Other sites might have similar discounts on the price but I
haven't found them.

I've used both of these sites for purchases and never had a

Ironically, the chiller isn't listed (yet) on the Commodity
Axis web site


Commodity Axis, Inc. is the company the manufactures, or
has manufactured the ViaAqua brand equipment.

I wrote to them and found out a bit of info about the
chiller.  Then I went to the Mitsubishi's (compressor
manufacturer) web site to look up info on the compressor. 
I was satisfied that it's a good piece of equipment.

You might hear it decribed by some vendors as a 1/5 or 1/4
HP chiller.  I don't think that's right.  Call it a 240
watt chiller; that's the electrical consumption rating.  I
can't find BTU ratings for it.  But I tried it on one of my
tanks and it worked well so I bought another.  If I can
recommend it to me, I can recommend it to others.

Note this:  the internal digital thermostatic control must
be manually reset if the power goes off.  That's true,
unfortunately of many digital thermostats.  I haven't
gotten around to opening hte ViaAqua Chiller and and
perusing the circuits, but it should not be difficult to
short past the internal thermostat and jsut run off the
power cord, which you then pluc into a termostat that
doesn't lose it's temp setting when the power goes out. You
could use a Ranco thermostat like the one Aqualogic sells
under it's own brand name -- they don't have volatile temp
memory settings -- but they are expensive.  The best price
I've found on those is at Customaquatic.com .  Never had a
problem dealing with those folks either.

We get power outages were I live about 10 times a year --
usually only lasting less than a second and those don't
affect the chiller.  During the big black out last month,
we went down to low voltage for about 20 seconds. 
Curiously, everything shut down except my AHS 96 watts PCs
which kept right on shining. anyhow, I don't find the
thermostat issue a big problem.  But I'll be happier in
genral when nonvolatile memory becomes commonplace in

Hope that helps,
Scott H.
--- Ed Dumas <eldumas at telus_net> wrote:
> Scott,
> Thanks for the info on chillers. The Via Aqua sounds
> interesting. If I 
> remember right, you live in Canada, too. Toronto, wasn't
> it? Are there 
> any reliable sources for this in Canada, or do we have to
> shop across 
> the border still? Also, do you have any idea about how
> much we are 
> talking here? My tank is an 80 Imperial Gallons unit.
> Thanks for the info.
> Ed Dumas
> In cloudy Maple Ridge, B.C., where we are impatiently
> waiting for the 
> first rain in over one month, and the cooling that comes
> with it!
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