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[APD] Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #268

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> Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 22:35:16 +0800
> From: Loh Kwek Leong <timebomb at pacific_net.sg>
> Subject: New Moss 
> Hi, folks,
> A few years ago, I played a part in popularizing the name of a still-to-be 
> identified moss, Christmas Moss.  Now, in Singapore, there's a new moss in 
> the market.  Unlike the Christmas Moss which hangs down, this new moss 
> grows up.  I have a picture of it at:
> http://www.killies.com/ErectMoss01.JPG
> The moss was tied to the driftwood on the 9th of August, Singapore's 
> National Day.  It hasn't quite taken off yet but if you look closely, you 
> can see the fronds growing straight up.  For want of a better name, I call 
> it Erect Moss.
> While you are there, please pay a visit to my website at 
> "www.killies.com".  I have a forum there with a section for "Planted 
> Tanks".  Click on the various topics to see more pictures of exotic plants.
> Where's James Purchase these days?  Just when you thought you don't need 
> the plant police anymore ....... :-)
> Loh K L

Since this moss seems to rise, why not call it Easter Moss?

                       Gerry Skau
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