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[APD] Carbonate Hardness and "Sea Buffer" and Vals

My 55 gal has the following:

 PH = 6.4
GH = 40
KH = 10
Conductivity = 630 (Dusty after I disturbed the Flourite)

I want to try ?Sea Buffer? by Aquarium Systems to raise the pH a bit as well
and the KH. I also see that my Vals are not doing too well in 6.4. The rest
of my plants are doing fairly well, and the only additives I give are
Florish and Flourish Excel twice a week. Excel until I connect my DIY CO2.
Any opinions on the Sea Buffer Idea ?

PS. Sea Buffer consists of Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate and Sodium
Borate. No quantities on label.


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