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Re: [APD] commercial cultivation of aquatic plants

As you may have noticed, I've been doing my part to boost
list participation ...  ;-)

Every little bit helps ;-)

I've never been to one of those places that cultivate
aquarium plants for hobbyists. Has anyone ever visited such
a place, and can you describe how it works -- lights,
ferts, harvesting & propagation, etc.. And that do they
put in their water?!

I haven't ever been to an aquatic-plant-specific greenhouse, but I have been to several large commercial greenhouses. The one thing I can say for sure about them is that they try *very very* hard to make use of natural lighting as much as possible. Lighting thousands of square feet of growing area with any kind of artificial lighting would make the costs of growing the plants far to high to be worthwhile. The lights I've seen are always set up either for special purposes (seedlings and other "sensitive" areas where more control is needed over light levels), or for a few plants that need more light than the natural lighting can provide at a certain time of year.

The pics I've seen of the Asian aquatic plan farms all look to be mainly a series of outdoor ponds with walkways over them. Must be nice to not have freezes :-)


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