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Re: APD list posting volume -- or - shopping for experts on marketing

Robert H said, in part:

>  . . .look at the numbers
> for the whole year
> and compare them to previous years. Quite a drop. One old
> time regular from
> this forum posed this question on my forum. I don't know
> why its dropped off
> here, while on other forums like The Planted Aquarium,
> Fish Geeks, Aquaria
> central and my forums are growing, not declining. I don't
> mean this to be
> critical, I hoped bringing this up might wake up a lot of
> people who have
> been quiet for so long now! . . ."

Ocassionally we hear from chem experts, tplant taxonomists,
botanists, etc.  Now we need to hear from one of the
marketing experts on why APD appears to be losing market
share to lists such as RPH mentioned.

Scott H.

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