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Re: Nitrogen in cycled tanks -- Ammonia/Ammonium and other benefits lurking round the corner

Larry Jones gave some good basic info on nitrogen in
planted tanks, and warned about the risks of changing the
fish (food/poop) load to rapidly.  Thanks, Larry.

Also, he said, in part:

> Another plus about NH3 in heavily planted rapid growth
> aquaria is that with
> co2 supplementation and soft to moderately hard water the
> pH will be acid or
> close to neutral. This will keep the bulk of the NH3 in
> the less toxic NH4+
> form and keep the fish less stressed.

He's right but don't go too far with this idea about the
ammonium beneifits of an acidic pH.  It's not as if at pH
7.0 there is a sudden shift in the ratio of
ammonia/ammonium.  The ratio changes continuously over a
broad range of pH values and does not reach over 50%
ammonia until the pH is past 9.0.  There are some good
posts about this in the archives on this topic and some of
them are in shown the July-September 2003 issue of The
Aquatic Gardener (TAG), The Journal of the Aquatic
Gardeners Association (AGA).

Having mention one of the benefits of AGA, I can't help but
continue, saying, Join AGA and you can get TAG all year
long -- not to mention you can then register for the Annual
Convention in Dallas happening this November *and* get an
author-autographed copy of Kasselmann's _Aquarium Plants_ 
for an at-cost price.

Larry also said, "Well I am tired and back to lurk land I

Don't stay too long -- Come back again soon.

Scott H.

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