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Re: Quiet Submersible Powerheads

>If I can't make them quieter, I may try to replace some powerheads in
>new tanks.  What is the quietest powerhead you know that can be
>and pumps around 100 gallons per hour?
>Diane Brown in St. Louis

I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, but I've had good luck so
far with a Maxi-Jet powerhead from Aquarium Systems. I'm using an
MP1200, which does 295 gph, but they also make the MP400 for 106 gph.

It's much quieter than my old powerheads were. Although, to be fair, my
old powerheads were several years old, so it may be that the parts had
worn over time. However, I've seen a number of comments on the web where
people talk about the Maxi-Jet being quieter (which is why I chose it).

You can get more info from http://www.aquariumsystems.com/

- Jim