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Small cheap, refillable bubble counter

I used a 3/4" x 4" inch long thick walled clear Vinyl tubing and
two 1/2" PCV plugs on each end. I drilled two 3/16" holes and
placed some rigid air line tubing, one piece(the inlet) 4"
inches and the output 1.5" inches. Glue with PCV cement etc and
glob  some extra on the top to insure no leaking. Fill with
water/mineral oil etc. Attach.
These are small, light and easy to view and you can place them
most anywhere. 
Okay, so you can use a juice jar etc for free etc. But these are
nice since they are so small and light weight, cost about 2 $

You can go up to the next tubing size and use 3/4" PVC plugs
also if you wish. The plugs make a water tight seal and you can
double check the fit by taking the plug over to tubing to find
the correct fitting.

The bubble counter can be tied on to anything with plastic ties
or a piece of velcro etc.
Tom Barr 

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