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I will rebuild again - lighting research

Well I have had to move due to the job market and had to sell a thriving 75
gallon planted tank.  It had lots of rainbows and it was a really tough
thing to do.  Anyway now living in an apartment in Florida I am planning on
'the comeback' once my wife and I can get a house purchased next year.  I
have to admit I love all the planning, it doesn't cost a dime and I'm kind
of a techy type and try to make most of my own equipment.  Now to the
specific question,

Going through old posts on the Krib I found references to the Wonderlite.
Being some of the posts were from the mid 90's I figured it was a thing that
popped up then disappeared.  But giving it a chance I did a quick search and


It sounds like the same thing talked about on the Krib.  Does anybody know
anything about this device?  What are the opinions on how it stacks up with
today's lighting options?  I had been considering going the MH route along
with some CF for the new tank and this seems to offer similar output for
less cost.  This web site also had a good selection of MH lighting for
plants as well.

Chad Sutton
chadsutton at tampabay_rr.com