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Re: I will rebuild again - lighting research


It sounds like the same thing talked about on the Krib.  Does anybody know
anything about this device?  What are the opinions on how it stacks up with
today's lighting options?  I had been considering going the MH route along
with some CF for the new tank and this seems to offer similar output for
less cost.  This web site also had a good selection of MH lighting for
plants as well.

Chad Sutton
chadsutton at tampabay_rr.com

It says it is a 150 watt self-ballasted (internal resistor basically) mercury vapor bulb and fixture. These bulbs are typically more expensive and have a shorter life span than do "normal" bulbs that need a ballast. You'd probably be better off with a 175w metal halide fixture which will also allow you to use a wider selection of bulbs.

If you're looking for cheap and effective lighting, power compacts of the DIY variety are probably your best bet. Many list members, including me, have had very good success with the kits from AH Supply (http://www.ahsupply.com). They are inexpensive, potent, and there are a lot of bulb choices you can use. DIY MH lighting is also an option if you want a point-source type of light. You can save a lot of money with MH lighting by building the ballast assembly with parts from an electrical supply house and then buying only the reflectors that will fit an aquarium. I can get 175w MH ballasts locally for around $25-30 an a surplus ventilated aluminum enclosure via mail order for about $20 and save over $100 on the assembly as a result.

The Wonderlite is probably a pretty good plant light for setups that need to work for only a short time (maybe wintering an outdoor plant inside for example), but I don't think it would be easy to adapt to aquarium use. The mercury vapor light will probably be a bit on the blue side as well since they typically don't have a very good spectral output.


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