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Plant tank stuff for sale

Hi All,

We've torn down our 120g tank and have a few pieces left over. 

Hamilton Technologies Metal Halide suspended fixture. Two 175W MH bulbs (with a 
couple of used spares) and two 40w Fluorecent bulbs. 48" long. Remote ballast 
with separate MH and FL controls and cords (you can use two timers to control 
the MH and FL separately).  $200

Complete wet/dry trickle filter system. Amiracle "150" with bioballs. Complete 
1/2" PVC plumbing - union between sump and included Quiet One pump, two 1/2" 
tank returns with ball valves, one 3/8" CO2 reactor return with ball valve. 
Overflow box, tank return U-tubes, vinyl hose. Runs about 360 gallons per 
hour.  $200.

Dupla "1000" 250 watt heating cable with a full set of anchors.  $100.

Will ship all of the above (buyer pays shipping). 

120g stand. Walnut stain. 110v wiring (3 outlets, 1 switched).  $50

120g All-Glass tank. Some scratches.  Includes about 200 pounds of well used 
Tex-Blast gravel with laterite.  Includes a pile of plants.  Free.

Pickup the last two in Northern Colorado (Ft. Collins/Loveland area). 

Write me off-list for details.
George Booth in Ft. Collins, CO (gbooth at frii dot com)
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