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RE: personal goals with a planted tank and lurking

My goals with my planted tanks are to have pretty (to me), healthy (for
fish, etc and plants), reasonably easy to care for displays that will also
(hopefully) enhance the environment in our home.  Did that sound snobby
enough? :) I hope I'm getting there, slowly and sometimes painfully.  I
really enjoy my tanks and tho I do get the occasional bouts of 'lazys' in
their care, I try to keep them at their best (relative to my own level of
competence). Something must be working, 'cause earlier this year, hubby
wanted help in setting up a planted tank in his office!

My goals for lurking on this list are to sit quietly over here in the corner
and learn from people who know -way- more about this stuff than I do.

(That and to occasionally jump out and yell "Boo!" in hopes of scaring

 New Hampshire, USA
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