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Re: O2 regulator

> Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 00:59:41 EDT
> From: Armstr0ng420 at aol_com
> A while back, someone referred to using an O2 regulator on a co2 bottle. Can 
> this be done? If so, could somebody point me to some info on how to go about 
> doing it? I have 2 O2 regs in the garage, and a full co2 bottle w/ no reg. 

We did this back in 1989. The local welding shop only had O2 regulators. The 
regulator itself is fine for use with CO2 - input and output pressures are
compatible. The only thing they have to do is unscrew the O2 bottle fitting and 
use a CO2 fitting instead. I would think most welding shops would have the CO2 
part to do this or could order it. 

George Booth