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Re: Difference between E. Rubin and Osiris

Poe Lim asked about the diff between E. Rubin and Osiris

The Osiris looks spotty, the rubin looks like stained
glass, with pronounced contrast in color between the veins
and the rest of the leaf -- rubins are not "spotty" at all.
 Submerged growth of the rubin in my tanks has almost no
petiole at all and the leaves are long -- I wouldn't be
tempted to describe them as oval.

Even when my rubins have grown new leaves that were the
deepest luscious scarlet, the leaves tend to green out as
they mature.  But rubin get so gosh darn big -- one could
easily dominate my 150g tank -- I usually do heavy pruning
of the oldest leaves every week. This removes the greener
and leaves the redder leaves while stunting the growth a
bit depending on how heavily I prune.

I sometimes aggressively prune back to just a half dozen
leaves or so, leaving only the centermost, youngest, and
smallest leaves.  It then takes the plant a few weeks to
recover and grow out giant leaves again.

Hope that helps,
Scott H.

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