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Re: Ultralux and T5 florescent lights -- and PCs

Diana Berberich said, in part:

> . . . I have PC's on my other tanks and am deligthed with
> them.  So far I have ordered those tubes from AH
> Supply, but wonder if there is not a cheaper source
> for those as well.

It pays to shop around, hellolights.com comes quickly to
mind.  I have occassinaly bought PCs from sources other
than AHS, even Ebay.  Sometimes the bulbs are great,
sometimes they are only worth the bargain price.  Otoh, I
have always gotten very good bulbs from AHS and think they
do a good job of only offering really good stuff.  I know
they have held off carrying some color temps just because
they weren't satisfied with the output of what was

Scott H.

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