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Re: 5 questions

> I don't have any problem growing any of the Ludwigia I've bought.  The
> problem lies in my inability to locate a comprehensive guide to identifying
> Ludwigia.  Tropica's site sports a total of 6 separate species...certainly not
> enough 
> to perform a comparative identification of oddballs.

There are only roughly 5-6 species available from most channels. Some may be

L acurata
L. palustris
L. repens
L. brevipes
L. mulltertii
L. granulosus

These are the main species used in the hobby.
There are some crosses. Whether there is a guide to all the hybrids? I think
you will not find this but might be able to compile the info from many
different sources. It'll be tough to do this.
The plants are very common in Florida here and some folks have done studies
I know on the plant genus. I'll ask them but it might be awhile before I run
into them till Fall.
> Thank you for your response, Mr. Barr.  I will definitely give the Bacopa a
> try now that I know someone else has grown it successfully.

I was using CO2, it grew fast(Both varieties).

> I will probably 
> also invest in a new test kit, seeing as this one IS quite old.  I didn't know
> they went bad.

Well, the reading didn't seem to add up and I'd be suspicious if I were you.
Narrow range test kits are cheap and quite good really.
If you have many tanks and this parameter is important, a pH probe
monitor(67-90$) or a pH pen(30-50$) might be worth while.
But the 3-4$ test kit works also.

>  And thank you for letting me know that the Metron is safe to
> use if I need it.

Yes, Discus folks love the stuff. I heard some of the faithful, now I could
be wrong, actually put in in their breakfast cereal:)
Well, I drank brine shrimp once thinking it was the same glass my water was

Tom Barr

> Cherio,
> Brian Rippon