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Re: 5 questions

Mr. Barr,

I believe you misunderstood much of my post and made assumptions based on the 
idea that all of my questions were being applied to the same tank.  The 
medication questions in particular concerned a quarantine tank where I employ 
Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus tenellus, which, despite the light and nutrients, seem 
to react negatively to Spectrogram in the water for long periods of time.  
Better safe than sorry with disease.

>The CO2 is your problem as far as plant needs, but reducing the bio loadwill 
>also/or doing 2x a week water changes(40-50%).

I have no problem as far as plant needs go in the larger tank I was 
describing.  It is a low-tech tank, and I have never had the need for C02.  The 
Myriophyllum and the Cabomba are sprawling across the surface and need to be 
shortened at every other water change.  Algae is nonexistent.

>No. You need CO2 before _anything_ else. This will give you the 
>greatest improvement. Adding more light without doing this will give you 
>Don't add the light now and wait and see if you need CO2.

I'm not looking for improvement, just answers to my questions.

>No problem growing these.

I don't have any problem growing any of the Ludwigia I've bought.  The 
problem lies in my inability to locate a comprehensive guide to identifying 
Ludwigia.  Tropica's site sports a total of 6 separate species...certainly not enough 
to perform a comparative identification of oddballs.

Thank you for your response, Mr. Barr.  I will definitely give the Bacopa a 
try now that I know someone else has grown it successfully.  I will probably 
also invest in a new test kit, seeing as this one IS quite old.  I didn't know 
they went bad.  And thank you for letting me know that the Metron is safe to 
use if I need it.

Brian Rippon

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