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Re: Java ferns

>I have just noticed that on the under sides of the big
leaves on my
Microsorum Pteropus little leaves/roots that appear to be
growing downwards
towards the substrate. What are they and should I allow them
to continue
Thanks in advance.

They are baby ferns. After a while the leaves (aka
sporophyls in ferns) will turn upwards. When these are app
2" long detach them carefully and plant elsewhere.
Or, if you do not like the appearance of your plant as it is
and are not interested in new ferns, just scrape them off
with a fingernail.

A week ago someone asked about tan (not black) spots on
their Java ferns. Mine also developed these spots when the
water temperature rose over 30C. It might be a physiological
response or some pathogen that attacks the fern when it is
stressed by the heat. Cooling the water to 27C with a cpu
fan in the hood stopped the spread.


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