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Re: Bleach to kill algae

> So, if you've used and had success with this method why
> you write Dave a letter at the above address; I'm sure he
be interested
> to find I'm not actually the only person on the planet
> thinks this is a good idea.

It is a very good idea as a PRECAUTION for thread algae. A
few months ago I received some plants which had some kind of
branched alga stuck to them. I removed what I could see and
used the bleach method. Put them in a tank immediately
after. No thread algae has developed since.

I had the same type of red(?) algae causing a couple of
years ago and I could only get rid of it with copper, with
its obvious side effects. Even the 3 day blackout means 3
days without enjoying the tank(s). : )

So why introduce a problem and cure (or try to) when you can
get rid of it before it happens.

So, thank you Paul for saving me more problems.


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