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Re: Bleach

Steve wrote:

As some of you may be aware I write the aquatic plants column for TFH
and now that Dave is back in charge of the magazine it's actually
not bad these days.

I outlined the bleach method for algae *eradication* as I'm
not interested in *controlling* thread algae in an issue and
some guy wrote a letter to the editor (editor at tfh_com) pretty
much demanding my head on a platter for being so stupid.

So, if you've used and had success with this method why don't
you write Dave a letter at the above address; I'm sure he be interested
to find I'm not actually the only person on the planet that
thinks this is a good idea.

I write:

I read the article, and to be honest, was a little turned off. It wasn't so
much the bleach method, but the fact that your stressing that the tank has
to be sterilized.
What about the algae that's floating around in the air? If algae control was
as easy as sterilizing everything before it was placed in an aquarium, than
we would never have problems. Maybe we can place our aquariums in a bubble.
: )