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potamogeton species information

Dear All,

Thanks to some offline comments I received on my mail and a Japanese plant
identification book, I finally know which pondweeds I have brought into my
species 1: Potamogeton dentatus
species 2: Potamogeton perfoliatus
The dentatus is really a great plant. It took two weeks before it started
growing in my tank and I was already fearing it would just turn into plant
fertiliser. Fortunately it now kicked into growing mode and brings out
delicate dented leaves. This is going to be a great addition to my tank.
It turns out that the dentatus is an endangered species in Japan ( it is
called gashamoku in Japanese ) . It occurs mainly in northeast asia ,
Japan, Korean peninsula and south china. It is an excellent water column
feeder. You can see a picture on this page:


The perfoliatus is called clasping leaved pondweed on a site. Occurs in
Europe , North-America for sure. It probably is quite a common species as I
see it described on invasive plant lists. In Japan it is called hirohano
Looking at the endemic growing conditions I would suppose these plant have
a lower tolerance towards  higher temperatures. But it seems that in my  83
F tank , they are still doing fine . ( plenty of light, CO2 and fertiliser
) .

Although potamogeton are considered weeds I am happy to get them to grow in
my tank. Both of these species have delicate leaves with a very fresh green
colour . The leaves are almost transparent which gives a nice vaiety in
texture. Especially the dented appearance of the dentatus impresses me. (
see picture on URL above.

Thanks for all the input.

suisoman Dirk