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RE:Kaspar Horst's plant book question

>>I know "The Optimum Aquarium" by Kaspar Horst & Horst Kipper is out of
print, but locally there is another book, by Kaspar Horst & Jorg Ploger,
"The Creative Nature Aquarium: A guide for the set-up and maintenance of
aquariums". I was wondering if anyone has both books, and be kind enough to
give me a comparison.<<

Well I cant give a comparison, but the Creativ book is soley built around
their modular substrate growing system which is called the Creativ system.
There are many wonderful pictures and a fair amount of information, but
unless you are interested in using this system I do not know if you would
find a whole lot of use for the book. I have three unopened Creativ systems
I would love to get rid of at most any price.

Robert Paul Hudson
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plant cube aquarium