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Co2 in Sump Questions

Dave said in reply to Bob's questions on sump Co2:
"I am going to try injecting into the intake of the return pump in this new
setup. I found a great little gadget for this from Automated Aquariums,
URL www.automatedaquariums.com. It is their CO2 atomizer, the URL for it is

This seems like a really good idea.  I like having it built into a pvc
fitting.  You could easily add the fitting to the bottom of a large 3 inch
diameter pvc reactor.  If the outlet pipe was long enough, it could act as
the reactor.


See my reactor/diffuser experiments at:


or just go to


and drill down through the menus.  I think adding a diffuser to the inlet of
a reactor is having the best of both worlds.  Otherwise, the efficiency of
many diffusers is not as good as the simple and small Eheim diffuser in the


Steve Pituch