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Nutrient Levels


 I was hoping that I could get some help with the nutrient levels suggested 
by Tom Barr.

DFWAPC - Fe .2 or higher(?) / PO4 .4 -1.0ppm / NO3 5-10ppm / K+ 20-30ppm
sfbaaps   -  Fe .2 -.7 ppm      / PO4 .2 -.5ppm   / NO3 5-10ppm / K+ 20-30ppm

 The first question is, are these levels just for CO2 tanks? I have a 125g 
tank with approx. 2.5 watts per gal. PC which I use Seachems Excel in, so I was 
wanting to know if it would be safe to target these levels.

 I see different growth rates in my plants sometimes and I would have to 
believe that the nutrient levels being low would have to be the cause for this.
 For example: I have some Rotala rotundifolia which grows very fast most of 
the time and then every once in a while the growth seems to slow way down.
 The nutrient levels in my tank are as follows PO4  .4 ppm / NO3 5ppm / Fe 
I really would like to up the NO3 and Fe but as stated above are the 
recommended levels for non CO2 tanks?

 The next question is about the difference between the Fe and the PO4 on the 
suggested levels. I am assuming that your current recommendation is the levels 
suggested on the DFWAPC site, would this be correct?

Thanks for your help,

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