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Amano shrimp breeding and observations

The Amano shrimp are now carrying eggs!  I am not sure if the live food
conditioned them into breeding or what.  I also set a sort of 'feeding
platform' in the tank because all the plants were just getting too unruly.
It's just a piece of slate, from my roof actually, laid on the gravel.  I
drop pellet food on it so I can observe the shrimp and fish eating and not
so much gets lost in the plants.  This has worked great and the shrimp get
fed more.  I think this is both because I feed them more (I like watching
them eat).

I also recently started holding pellet food in tweezers and the shrimp will
swim to my hand and eat from the tweezers.

I am pretty optimistic about the chances for a successful brood.  We're
working on our fourth generation of in tank raised ghost shrimp.

This is in a community tank with fish and snails!

Dean in '04