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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #214

Hi Jon,
I am new to this list, too and located in Ontario.  Concerning buying a
filter from the U.S. and having it brought into Canada, the biggest problem
would be customs.  If the shipping was done by UPS or something like that,
more than likely a customs broker would be used by the shipper to bring the
item into Canada which adds considerably to the cost.  Also, you would have
to pay GST and PST, plus a service charge.  If it were delivered by mail,
you would be able to avoid the customs broker.  You would still have to pay
GST and PST plus a $5.00 service charge by Canada Post.

Concerning lighting, I have used Chroma 50's which I got from Home Depot.  I
have also used a full spectrum light from Lee Valley called Verilux.  Both
have been very good.  The Chroma 50's are cheaper.

One of my tanks is a 38 gallon that I have been running for more than 15
years with a UGF (it has been cleaned in that time lol).  I have fabulous
cryptocornes in that tank :-).

>tank), but I'm a little confused as to where to buy it from.  I see that
>there are a few Vancouver (2010 - yeh!!!!) people floating on this list
>might be able to point me in the right canadian direction here.  Big Al's
>has the 2028 with media listed for US$199 on the american side of their
>site, and on the canadian side they list it for CDN$469.  I know the
>canadian dollar is pretty lousy, but that's just a ridiculous exchange
>Since I haven't ordered from Big Al's before is it possible to order from
>the american side and get it shipped to canada? anyone else sell these
>filters in canada at a reasonable price? or help???
>I'd also like to rip out the UGF in the tank.  I think it actually does
>pretty good, I can see the difference in water quality with it turned off,
>but I don't like the look of the powerhead in the tank.  I'm thinking it's
>probably a good idea to tear the tank down after I get the new filter
>settled in.  That way I can replace the epoxy gravel.  I'm thinking of
>Seachem's Flourite for the job.  From what i can find it seems to be about
>the easiest and safest ways to go.
>I think I'm going to make my own here, that way I can get the ballasts out
>of the road and down below my tank.  2x36" fluorescent tubes was my plan.
>see that people don't always recommend using the fluorescents from LFS's.
>They are pretty expensive (~$30 each).  What do people here recommend for
>tubes.  I've seen the GE Plant/Aquarium bulbs at canadian tire for about $6
>each.  Has anybody used these before?  Thoughts???