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Re: Discus plant tank filter

>Thanks a lot for the advice,
> suisoman Dirk

Sounds like a great plan to me.

I would make sure there is a higher turnover rate in the tank through the
filter and a good flow pattern especially along the bottom of the tank(Where
big old fish/critters turds full of NH4 land).
Peace lilies are effective plants and require very little light to grow well
so you should be able to get away with ambient lighting unless it's a dark
place in the room etc. If it's a sump style plant filter, then adding a 15 w
to 20w under counter light should do fine.

Feed young discus lots of a food but small amounts several times(3 or so
min) till they get good size. Don't buy 11 thinking 7 will die. Get lots of
variety in their diets.

Tom Barr