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Re: cansiter filter

> Hey Tom, didn't you recently get a Via Aqua canister?
> How's it holding up?
> Scott H.

Jim dandy, I like it.

I was eyeballing those solid state chillers that have those barbed ends that
I could hook up in line with the filter. Looking back at many of of my
tanks, many seem to do well at lower temps(70-78F).
I have a lot of light plus live where it's hot so the tanks get pretty warm.

I don't like adding too much gadgets though.


This would not be bad for the techy person.

I also would like to say if I get MH lights again, it'll be with electronic
ballast, it'll be those small HQI double ended lamps with small

I don't like those big globes anymore and the big Full hoods with MH's are
something I don't like either.

I might actually know what I want when I buy a house someday:)

Tom Barr