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Re: Discus plant filter tank

Thank you for that clarification Tom,
( and a correction on the ratio, I don't want to give wrong information ,
sorry folks )

If I understand correctly,  a terrestrial plant filter acts more or less as
more plants in the fishbox. That takes away my worries of the filter taking
out  one specific nutrient and throwing off the balance.( as far as I
grasped that concept? )
As for bioload, I will  probably go for the 5 discus + algae eating crew,
more will be difficult to keep it visually pleasing also (discus to be
raised 2-3 months in another tank to quarantaine and grow them out untill
6-7 cm size )

It may have been misunderstood from my mail : I was not planning to
overcrowd my tank too full. I want to move my, SAE and congo tetra's to the
50 something Gallon low maintenance planted tank in the back. ( beautifull
crypt and anubias , it now houses a pair of Badis Badis only). 15 Congo's
are too messy feeders anyway so I thought they would add too much bioload
with 5 maturing discus in there. The rummynoses will probably stay , the
phantom school and the kribs are promised to a friend of mine.

I am waiting for the plant filter to be fully active , then near autumn I
will probably purchase young discus from a local breeder and move the other
fish around. Getting those congo's out of the tank is going to be a
challenge. I already have a working SAE trap .

Thanks a lot for the advice,

> suisoman Dirk