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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #212

> My situation's a little different than most students. I'll be going back as a
> Post-Bac student for a second degree (No Gen Eds, woo hoo!) with aspirations
> of combining my core BS studies with Masters work.
> As an undergrad I want to do a study on how light (intensity, spectrum, etc)
> and nutrition (levels and delivery of nutrients) affect the physiology and
> morphology of both emersed and submersed grown crypts. I'm hoping to focus any
> possible graduate work on tissue culture techniques for commercial
> application.
> How much study has gone into these topics? Is there still room for new
> research or are they pretty much completely figured out?
> My thanks for your response,
> Phil Edwards
> In warm, moist Charlotte, NC where Bill is headed next.

Phil, I have two people in mind with specific experience in the area. How's
your biochemistry? Better bone up.
Email me off list. If you are coming to the plant fest, show up a day or so
early, I'll arrange a meeting with a prof or two.

Tom Barr