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Re: The chilling truth about cold horsepower

Michael Eckardt said:

> it seems to me that the 610 watts A/C is USING 610 watts
> of power to MOVE 
> up to 6000 BTU/hr from the cold side of the coils to the
> hot side.
> The 610 watts are used in compressing the fluid, in line
> friction, and in 
> general inefficiencies.
> The 6000 BTU/hr might as well be 6000 gallons/hr, if we
> were taking water 
> here, instead of heat.
> No? Completely off the wall?

NOt off the wall, but right on the mark.  The thing is,
those 6000 BTUs are being given off on the condensor side
(or the machine would overheat), so 6,000 BTU/hr (BTUH)s is
being output on the condensor side.

So maybe the energy equation is :

610 watts (or 2070 BTUHs) + 6,000 BTUH (from coldside)
output:  6,000 BTUHs (hot side)

Net energy efficiency = 6,000/8,070 = 74%

At least that allows for entropy.

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