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RE: Where's George

>>For those of you who aren't old as dirt, George was a (The?) prophet of
the 2nd
Epoch of Aquaria Groups. The History-According-to-Dan goes something like

1st Epoch:   The Age of Experimentation
Key Prophet: Richard Sexton, The Creator

2nd Epoch:   The Age of Technology
Key Prophet: George Booth, High Priest of Dupla


3rd Epoch:   The Age of Balance
Key Prophet: Thomas Barr, Plant Intercessor & Compatriot<<

I found looking at how this list evolved from reading the archives somewhat
interesting. It is interesting to see how in the early days the topics of
discussion from todays most experienced people focused on very simple
things, (with great ernest and debate) that we now take very much for
granted. From there it went to a much deeper scientific level. There are a
few notable things you left out.

Paul Sears and Kevin Conlins paper which started the whole PMDD way of
thinking which Tom Barr later turned upside down.

Jim Kelly's Poormans substrate, which has been kicking around the internet
for what seems like forever and is all but forgotten.

Steve Pushaks detailed work on substrates and soils which was the dominate
focus of discussion for quite sometime, particularly while he was the
technical advisor for AGA, which has now faded into the background. The last
serious look at substrates was Jamie Johnsons study. And I guess Waldstads
book, but it never really was a major ongoing topic of discussion here.

Dan Quackenbushes crusade for the kitty litter substrate which passed away
when he did. His WEB site has now been taken over by a plant retailer in
South Dakota.

You can also see the evolution of the opposing forces within this forum.
Practicality vs technical methodology, scientific vs art, simplicity vs

And while there are people that long for the good old days and wonder where
are these people now, this forum has endured. The number of posted messages
over the years has either increased or stayed the same, but never really
dropped off. Compare this to other lists such as Richard Sextons lists and
other forums on the internet and it's pretty amazing. The general following
for this hobby on the internet has grown tremendously. I can remember when
there were only a few credible WEB sites providing information on this hobby
and a handfull of hobbyists WEB sites, and only 3 or 4 plant dealers. Now
there are perhaps dozens of beautifull and informative WEB sites and forums,
hundreds of hobbyists WEB sites, and a couple dozen plant sellers with more
popping up all the time. We are even managing to fight off once and for all
the biggest threat this list has ever had. Evolution is a wonderful thing.

Robert Paul Hudson
Join the almost 800 members of the AB forums